Micron – Downing Gaming Glasses Anti Blue Rays Computer Glasses Men Myopia Night Vision Prescription Optical Frame 8084 Women

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Dear buyer , Welcome to our shop . IVSTA®EYEWEAR .

1.We are factory direct wholesale and retail, we accept doing OEM logo.

2.We specialize in services for the worldwide seller,we accept sending fast express like EMS,DHL,FEDEX,arrive in 3-7 days.

if you are wholesaler , please feel free to contact us,we offer mix order with different models and color.

3.We also do DropShipping ,if you are dropshipper ,we can send you the clear picture wthout watermark.

Our Series of Computer glasses Anti Blue Rays , Welcome to contact with us to get more models !

1.What is the Blue Ray?

Blue Ray is high-energy visible light with a wavelength of 400-500 mm.

2.How does Blue Ray hurt our eye?

in hev light 400-500mm,there are lots of blue light,they like many knifes pierce our eyes, they let our eyes can not be opened,and we will feel pain and swelling,the blue light affect our work and life.

Applicable User:

1.Officer Worker.2.Gaming Expert 3.Student 4.Phone Freak


This size is measured by hand,

There will be slight difference between 1-3mm.Hope you can understand.


This frame’s lenses is without degree,you need pay to custom the lenses like Myopia/Hyperopia/Astigmatism/Amblyopia.or progressive/phototromic lenses.

Please feel free to contact us ↓↓↓We will cut and put the lenses into the frame for you !

↓ ↓ ↓ Without wearing our IVSTA anti blue rays, you will feel dazzling,and feel fatigue.(the screen is too bright) ↓ ↓ ↓ When wearing our IVSTA anti blue rays HD lenses,you will feel more easy. These are the hazards of Blue Ray:

1. Swollen eyes. 2. Blurred eyes 3.Dry eyes. 4.Black eye. 5.Insomnia

Where is the Blue Light?

1. in Computer Screen and TV. 2. in Phone Screen LED Light. most Digital Products

Blue Light Hurt you in Daily Life

1. work in computer. 2. paly gaming 3.using phone. 4.prevention of myopia.5.after eyes surgery

Dimensions 18 × 7 × 6 cm
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