Women's Rings

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Finding the Right Rings for Women

Getting the right size of rings for women or bracelets for women can be hard. It is a luxury if you have a plastic ring sizer or a ring size chart, but if you don’t have any, there are still some ways on measuring the right circumference of your finger for your next ring. Of course, rings for women should fit comfortably, tight enough to not fall off but still loose enough to slide over your knuckle easily.

Finger sizes change depending on the time of the day or the weather. For the best results, measure your finger at the end of the day, when your hands are warm. Usually, fingers are much larger when they are warm, so it is best suited to measure your fingers at this time of the day, rather than mornings where fingers are commonly cold and smaller. Also measure your finger size 3 to 4 times to avoid any erroneous reading and stop using paper strips or strings. As these materials can stretch or twist, reading an inaccurate measurement. The most common size of rings for girls are 3-9 mm, while 8-14 mm is the popular ring size for men. You can buy from the range of latest ladies ring designs at iShopza.

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Selecting the Diamond Shape

While choosing engagement rings for women or for their regular fashion needs, one important thing that needs to be considered is the diamond shape. There are many different shapes of diamond that include the classic round diamonds, square diamonds also known as princess diamonds, pear diamonds also known as tear-shaped diamonds, oval diamonds, heart-shaped diamonds and many more. If you are planning to surprise your sweetheart with a ladies ring make sure to inquire about her choice.

Choosing the Setting

After having selected the right diamond shape for your lady, another important thing is to choose the setting. There are necklaces for women and rings for teenage girls and for women with the tiffany setting which was actually introduced by a company of the same name that manufactures premium quality artificial, silver and gold rings for women. On the other hand, there are eternity bands, bezel setting rings, channel setting rings, Pave and many more. The right setting can make your sweetheart’s mood go super high and make her feel really special.

Alternatives to Expensive Diamond and Gold Ladies Rings

The diamond and gold rings and earrings for women are extremely costly and cannot be afforded by a common person which is why the leading jewelry companies have manufactured state of the art imitation jewelry. These artificial gold and silver rings for women are second to none and can be worn at any kinds of events. Even women these days wear imitation jewelry set on their engagement and marriage ceremonies in order to avoid any mishap as well as to save money.