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Many women have multiple of pairs of heels in their wardrobe, just so they have one for every dress and every occasion. Heels are women’s favorite type of shoe today, however did you know that they were actually first worn by men in some 4,000BC? Initially, butchers used to wear high-heeled shoes so that their feet would remain clean of the mess that was a part of their job. In 200 BC, heels were worn by Roman actors, which by the way were also men. Even in 1600s men wore high heels during horse riding in order to keep their feet in stirrups. However, eventually after the footwear industry revolutionized, high heels became women’s fashion statement and were no longer made as shoes for men.

Modern fashion world is all about heels – and there are so many different types of them as well. In US, women love heels just as much as the women of the rest of the world, hence once you enter a shoe market, you will find endless stock of heels. You will find some of the best women’s shoes brands online here at iShopza as well, which you can get delivered at your doorsteps. Some of the famous high heel designer brands include Prada, D&G, Valentino, Burberry and Sergio Rossi. Did you know that there are more than five types of women’s high heels out there? Here are a few of them:

Women’s High Heels Online Shopping in US

It is said that every woman must have a pair of stilettos to complete her wardrobe. Stilettos are definitely women’s famous choice in heels. They not only look amazing but also give an impression of long legs. Initially, famous stars of 40s such as Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield first wore stilettos. Good thing about these types of shoes is that they can be worn with almost everything, from skirt to jeans and t-shirt; it will make every makeover look stylish. There are also stiletto boots, which are also gorgeous looking and easier to walk in, given they provide a better grip.

Evening Sandals

If you are going to an evening party or any other such formal occasion, evening sandals are a must part of your attire. With that pretty evening dress you bought, nothing will look classier than evening sandals. Evening sandals do not have as high a heel as stilettos, hence are easier to walk in.

Kitten Heels

These kinds of heels were introduced to the world for the first in in the 50s, and have been one of women’s popular choices since then. Kitten heels are the shortest form of heeled shoes out there, and are often also referred to as the “training heels”. Best thing about kitten heels is that they aren’t age biased and can be worn by teenagers and elderly ladies. They never really go out of fashion either.

Wedding Shoes

If you are looking to buy wedding shoes then high heels ought to be your choice. Nothing complements a graceful wedding dress like a gorgeous pair of high-heeled shoes!