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Windows Phone – The Finest Microsoft Mobile Operating System

Information technology field is wide. It defines two of the most prime entities called hardware and software that combine to form any computing system. Hardware plays the physical role to monitor the devices while the inner functionalities and non-physical responsibilities are carried by software solutions.

Any of the mobile phones that we utilize nowadays have the systems that create conveniences for the user to interact either for calling or utilizing any application. Most of the smartphones contain special operating systems to make the performance more efficient. Microsoft is the technology company that is fully responsible for creating Microsoft cell phone systems. It was founded in 1975 and offers the services in the form of cell phones and software goods. It has also facilitated its users by manufacturing Windows Phone.

This system was first launched back in October 2010 and is a wise replacement of Zune and Windows Mobile. The interface resembles the present operating systems of larger devices. The manufacturers made sure to create the new Windows Phone collection that easily supports the touch system and actions like tapping and swiping. The multiple shades of outer structure captivates every tech-savvy person.

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Prime features of this Microsoft phone system

Web browser is the platform that involves the support of multiple web pages. This feature in Microsoft Phone as well as in android phones has Internet Explorer that allows the users to interact in the form of zooming and other touch gestures. There are also other opportunities like saving pictures, sending the URL links via email and typing letters.

Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and Exchange are supported by this Microsoft smartphone system. Users can conduct a search by entering keywords or subjects of emails and names of senders and receivers.

Entertainment aspect is defined by these games. Microsoft Windows Phone and iphones have the Game Hub which allows the users to directly choose the game. They can also create their profile and use the functionality of Xbox Live.

This Windows cell phone is enriched which Office Suite that assists in opening and editing the documents like spreadsheets, presentations and Word files.

Windows phone versions

The fundamental versions that Microsoft created are Windows CE, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile. Each Microsoft smart device supports these versions which are upgraded to add more features and improve functionalities. Smartphones supporting these versions of operating systems are best for tech-geeks which love their Windows system on other devices like desktop computers and laptops.