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The hot and cold water dispenser is no longer an office product. Due to the convenience and ease it offers, this electronic appliance has become equally popular at homes as a kitchen appliances. In fact, the water dispensers have become a must have product at homes and offices alike. The biggest advantage of all a water dispenser brings to people at home as well as at work place is that it encourages them to drink water every so often especially when it provides cold and refreshing water on a hot summer day. The water coolers in US and all over the world, come in many different designs and types, each suitable for a different requirement.

Types of Water Dispensers Available in US

There are hot and cold water dispensers, there are non-electric water dispensers, bottled ones, direction connection water coolers and many more. The details of the types of water dispenser in US are mentioned below:

Buying Bottle Water Dispenser

This kind of dispenser provides premium quality filtered hot and cold water at the same time through its two different taps. All you need is to buy water bottle and place it upside down on the dispenser to allow water pass through. Once the bottle is vacant, all you need is to replace it with a new one. This electronic water dispenser comes with option to turn on cold or hot water or both as per your requirements.

Upright Water Dispenser

Many people who find it inconvenient to place a new bottle on the buying bottle water dispenser that requires the bottle to be placed upside down should opt for an upright water dispenser. It allows easier replacement of water bottle which is placed within a cabinet below the dispenser.

Direct Connection Water Cooler

This water cooler/dispenser does not require you to place bottles above or below it. Instead, the direction connection water cooler, as the name suggests, lets you connect it directly with the water connection and keep providing you with filtered hot and cold water. This dispenser is however not suitable for people who do not have fresh and drinkable water running in their home or office taps.

Things to Consider While You Buy Water Dispenser

While you buy a water cooler, you need keeping in mind a few really important things. This would make sure that you do not have to face any kind of inconvenience in due course. The important things to consider include:

Energy Efficient

This point is the most important to consider. This energy efficient electric equipment consume low electricity and are easy on the pocket in the long run. Your electricity bills would significantly rise if your water dispenser is not energy efficient.

Safety Lock

If you are buying water dispenser for use at home, you must make sure that it has a safety lock on the hot water faucet. This safety lock is also known as child lock as it does not allow children to accidentally release hot water and get themselves harmed.

High Glass Holder

The water dispenser you choose should have a glass holder at a sufficient height, away from the reach of infants and toddlers at your home.

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