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Charming Toys for Toddlers

1 year kids are quite active and playful as they are in their early learning stage in which they try to comprehend things according to their level. They love to play and experiment new things, touch and hold different kind of stuff to equip themselves with our environment. It is very essential to provide them with colorful and good collection of toys with which they can enjoy playing as well as improve their skills. This age kids have sharp minds and fast motor skills for which they need specific type of toys to compliment their abilities well. Thus, the toys for 1 year old baby are designed to be compatible with these kids’ senses and abilities to play and enjoy. Most of the toys are not very big but small enough to be easily held by a child.

iShopza is one of the biggest online marketplaces in US where you can easily find age appropriate toys for your 1 year old toddler. Whether it is his or her birthday, first step gift or any joyous moment of his learning age, you can buy cheap and appealing toys from us.

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iShopza offers you extensive range of toys for age 12-24 months for both boys and girls. There is a wide set of category for toys of this age group such as ride on toys that can include cars, bikes, cycles; roll-on toys that let your kid develop physically through crawling, walking running; musical or sound playing toys to let your kid recognize various sounds. All these toys are also termed as educational toys for 1 year old because they enhance your kid’s learning abilities.

There is a wide distinction between toys for girls and toys for boys of 1 year old. Although certain toys remain same such as ride on toys can be used by both boys and girls. Similarly, there are toys with sounds that are essential for both boys and girls to learn and adapt to various sounds. These toys are really essential for a kid to excess in its abilities which will later help in his developing years.

At iShopza you will see wide range of toys for 1 year old boys and girls. We have plush, ride-on, games; pretend games, or character toys such as stuffed toys, dolls, super heroes etc. These toys play massive role in developing their sensory, thinking and fine motor skills. Nowadays famous brands usually create toys for this age group that are playful, easy to handle, durable and also safe enough for the kids. With online shopping at iShopza, you will find perfect collection of toys for your 1 year old which will bring smile to its face.

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iShopza is a great online marketplace to buy different types of toys for 1 year old online. We offer durable and highly entertaining collection of toys for your toddler boys and girls aged between 12-24 months at very affordable prices.