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A toothpaste dispenser in the bathroom can be a great way to organize products. These are used to release toothpaste by pressing a button. This eliminates the fatigue of opening, squeezing and even measuring the toothpaste amount. This automatic toothpaste dispenser device usually has a fixed amount of paste that comes out which is all that you need. These are mounted on the wall or mirror by using strips or suctions. If you want then you can even place them on the counter surface. There are several brands that have introduced this device which the shoppers can get according to their choice. iShopza offers buyers with a huge collection of toothpaste squeezers at affordable prices.

Guide for Buying Toothpaste Squeezers

When buying a toothpaste holder or any other such device, there are a number of factors that shoppers must keep in mind. These elements will help you purchase the right items in a shorter time period.


There are different types of toothpaste tube rollers that you can get with different capacities. The capacity basically determines how many toothbrushes the device can hold. Usually these can hold up to five brushes which makes it very convenient for the users. Also it is important to know that one dispenser holds only one toothpaste tube. If you require more than you should get more than one squeezer.

Strips and Suctions

For people who want to mount this to the wall or mirror, will require strips or suctions which are usually provided the brand from which you are buying this product. Always make sure that these are provided to you.

Color and Pattern

There are thousands of colors and patterns of these dispensers that you can easily get online at iShopza. Picking out the color depends on the color of your bathroom walls. You can easily match the perfect one that goes with the overall décor of your bathroom. For people who do not really care about the color, can simply get white ones which are generally used by everyone. You can also get novelty toothpaste squeezers which can have a cartoon character on them. These work well for children to get them excited about brushing their teeth regularly.


Usually there is a standard size of these tubes but you can get bigger ones as well according to your choice. Depending on your family size, you can select the size of the dispenser. iShopza offers buyers with all sizes of these devices which makes online shopping convenient.

Cleaning the Hands Free Toothpaste Dispenser

It is very important to clean out the dispenser after every few months. The toothpaste tube can last for an entire month so when you are about to change it, just clean it. Rub off excess toothpaste from the device by using a brush or damp cloth. Also it is important to keep it clean in order to avoid germs and bacteria growth. So go ahead and grab all your favorite toothpaste dispensers online at iShopza. Have a nice shopping experience!