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Poster is a piece of printed paper that is meant to be attached to a wall or any kind of vertical surface. A typical poster includes both textual and graphic elements, posters can also be wholly textual or wholly graphical. Posters are considered as an important element of décor item and are designed to grab attention. They are both eye catching and informative. Posters serve many different purposes. They are used as a tool of marketing and advertisement of movies, musical events, and theatrical dramas. Used as perfect tool of communicating a message to direct audience, posters are commonly preferred by advertisers, propagandists and protestors all around the world. They are also used for spreading the word about various social causes. Posters can either be used for communicating a message directly or indirectly through subliminal messages. Other than serving as important medium for advertisement, posters are often collected as a hobby and used for decorative purposes as well. They are alternatives to highly expensive and world famous artwork as they are cheaper to buy and are perfect for reproduction of famous artwork.

Type of posters

There are many different types of posters used for various reasons. The most commonly used posters are:

1. Retro Posters

These posters are hugely popular in the industry. Due to a lot of competition, the innovation and design of retro posters is mushrooming tremendously. The motivating textual and graphical content used in retro posters is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of these posters. They are usually used as a part of the décor of homes and offices.

2. Pinup Posters

The 60’s and 70’s inspired pinup posters are mainly used for selling a product or a service. The addition of the beautiful pinup ladies, the vintage styling and the cheeky expressions are the things that make these posters such a catch.

3. Vintage posters

Posters have been an important part of the marketing industry since the advent of print marketing. The classic vintage poster are greatly appealing to most of us because of their unique foremost design and an exquisite feel. Vintage posters have always been in great demand, whether it’s fashion, music or any other event. The vintage artistic design is also used for many different kinds of promotional posters such as sale posters.

4. Movie Posters

Movie posters are the most commonly bought posters. They are used for decorating restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, cinemas and many different places.

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