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Are you in a mood for a jam session with friends? Sound systems of smartphones, tablets, or radio are quite dismal. In such situations, portable speakers come in handy. They allow the music to be taken anywhere with you. A portable speaker has a built-in amplifier and contains multi-layer drives which allow a wide range of sound and an improved sound quality. These speakers are versatile in nature, having a variety of features. Regardless of their size, many portable speakers are durable and rugged. The best portable speakers are available online at iShopza which offers them at affordable rates. These lightweight devices with their advanced features and functionality are popular among the music lovers.

Types of portable speakers used commonly

Different portable speakers are designed for different purposes. Based on their usage, these are available in a great variety. Let’s have a look at few of the popular speakers used today.

Laptop speakers: Portable laptop speakers are connected via a USB port which keeps them powered up. They have Bluetooth as well as an in-built microphone feature. They give you a worthwhile experience of watching a movie or playing music.

Travel speakers: These speakers come in varying shapes and sizes. They have numerous functions including audio inputs, voice control, dual speakers, etc. They have integrated Bluetooth which allows to them to connect to any device, without using Wi-Fi connectivity.

Features to look for when buying portable speakers

Since the market is full of speaker options, it is indeed a daunting task to select the perfect portable speakers. For this purpose, we look at various features before finally selecting the required speakers.

Speaker size: Due to advancement in technology, a mini speaker can provide a high capacity sound, relative to its size and weight. Therefore, the sound system today is not based on the speaker size. Small speakers can be easily placed in a room, but not large spacious rooms. It is also best for travel purposes, as it is easy to carry.

Connectivity: USB speakers and Bluetooth speakers are quite common these days because of their enhanced connectivity. This enables you to connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to your speakers. This ensures wireless connectivity so you don’t need to get into the hassle of using cords. These speakers also run through Wi-Fi networks for streaming the music. Due to being android-friendly, they have enhanced flexibility.

Audio quality: Unlike a mobile speaker which offers dismal sound quality, the basic purpose of portable speakers is to provide high quality audio. Big bass is not what matters. A clear, powerful sound is of paramount importance. Beats portable speaker is the best for this purpose since it provides a balanced sound range. Apart from this, there are speakers from Sony, JBL, etc. which are famous for their sound quality and other functions.

Accessories and compatibility: Some speakers come with accessories such as woofers. These are best for recreational purposes and provide an ultimate music experience to the music lovers. The wireless capabilities of portable speakers enable them to be compatible with varying electronic devices.

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