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Sony is one of the finest manufacturers of consumer electronics. It has always come up with innovative devices. One such device which took the whole world by storm was the Sony PlayStation. The device truly revolutionized the way gaming was done. Such was the success of the PlayStation that Sony has, till date, manufactured 4 variants. The PS 4 is the latest in the series and has taken something already good to great. Along with Microsoft’s Xbox and PSP, Sony PlayStation has changed the way people do casual gaming. Now, anyone can go online and play with anyone in the other corner of the world. There are numerous PlayStation games which you can buy online in US at the best prices right here at iShopza.

How to buy PS4 games

The PS4 games list is huge and boasts of some amazing names like GTA V, FIFA 16 etc. PS4 games are extremely popular worldwide. They have improved graphics and gameplay significantly than PS3 games. Same goes with PSP games. Some of the best PS3 games include Need for Speed and FIFA. Need for Speed became so popular that it was adapted in a movie.

What to look for when buying PlayStation 4 games


There are numerous game genres which game manufacturers are making games in. Each genre has something unique to it and has its set of loyal customers. It all depends on you which genre of gaming you choose.

Action: Action is one of the most popular genres. It allows gamers to play action games involving shooting and violence. GTA V is one of the best games in this genre.

Simulation: Simulation games are loved by people with tactical minds. You have to strategize every move you make in order to success in such a game.

Sports: Sport games are popular all over the world. FIFA, NBA, WWE and Don Bradman Cricket are some popular games in the genre. Sports games are frequently played with multiple players. Footballers like Leo Messi and Gerard Pique also go online and play FIFA with random people around the world.

Adventure: Adventure games allow you to fulfil your fantasy by going on an adventure. Anything which takes your mind off the real world always engages audiences, and adventure games are no different.

Racing: Racing genre has always been popular. Games like Need for Speed are played by people of all ages.

Kids: There are also games designed for kids. If you don’t want your child to play violent games, then kids’ games are best. Puzzle games, for instance, not only are a good time pass but also promote brain growth.

Things to consider

There are several things to consider when buying a PS game and other gaming accessories.

Rating: All game manufacturers list the parental rating on the cover of the game. Before buying a game, you should know the content inside the game and only buy games according to your age.

Reviews: All games have online reviews. Before investing in one, look at the reviews of the game to see if it is worth spending the money on or not.

Price: The market is full of games at different prices. You can find the best deals of Nintendo gaming console at iShopza.

Compatibility: Always ensure that the game is compatible with your device.