Pest Control

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Solve all your problems with the best Pest Control Products

Good quality pest control equipment is needed to get rid of all the pests and bugs that are bothering you. The broad terminology for pest control items is known as pesticides or insect repellent devices. These products are used to prevent, destroy, mitigate or to repel any type of pest that is there.

When looking at the variety of pesticides, there are many options present. Each of the pest control products has its own features and functions to choose from.

Family of Pesticides

In pest control supplies, the family of pesticides includes the following:

. Insecticides: The insecticides are one of the most common ones used here. These have the nature of attracting the insects towards them and then killing them. Another form is used to repel them as well.
. Herbicides: Herbicides are used on plants and to protect them. Once this is sprayed on them, the plants are safe from any type of pest or insect.
. Rodenticides: These are high intensity rat and mouse killers that can make the rodents get groggy and kill them slowly. This is not safe for use by everyone.
. Germicides: Germicides are more so used as bathroom disinfectants as they protect you from a number of harmful germs that can cause severe forms of sickness.
. Algicides: Algicides are used in pools to remove the germs and insects present in them. This is a liquid form that is left in the water and then the pool has to be drained out.

Types of Pest Control Products

There are a number of types of pest control products present to choose form. These can be used to protect plants or for simple insect control.

. Selective: The selective pest control products are made to solve a problem of a specific nature. Sometimes people need them to control insects on plants or to disinfect a certain area. Then, there are special ones for these.
. Non-Selective: Non-selective pesticides are known to kill any type of thing that they come in contact with. These formulations are known not to discriminate between anything. It is known that when you have to use these, you need to be highly careful with them.
. Systemic: The systemic or ultrasonic pest control products are placed in such a way that the insect or the rodent digests them. Once it is inside, it instantaneously kills the parasite that is disturbing you.
. Topical: The topical pest control products are sprayed onto the thing that is bothering you. The chemicals work on the outer surface of the pest and kills them slowly.
. Pre-emergents: Many farmers are known to use pre-emergents for their crops to protect them in earlier stages. These are sprayed on weeds or dormant seeds before germination to avoid contamination and a fuller crop.
. Post-emergents: The post-emergents products are sprayed onto the crop after is has fully grown. This is used to give an extra amount of protection to the fields in order to have the best results there can be.