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Nail polish is one of the makeup essentials and there is no woman’s dressing table without different types of nail polishes in different colors. The Revlon nail polish as well as polishes from all other nail polish brands have remained and will always continue to be one of the woman’s most favorite nail embellishmenttools. The types of nail polish colors a woman chooses depends on the type of clothes she is going to wear. Majority of the women like matching nail polishes with their clothes whereas others like to contrast them with clothing. Similarly some women are fonder of wearing a matte nail polish that gives a dull and sober look to the hands whereas others like only glossy nail polish. So if you are in search of the best nail polish in US then you are at the right place! iShopza has onboard, all the leading sellers of nail polishes that are second to none. The country’s renowned online marketplace makes sure that only original nail polishes are sold by the sellers onboard.

Popular Types of Nail Polish Available at iShopza

As mentioned earlier, iShopza has onboard, all the authorized retailers of nail polishes in US. The country’s largest online shopping community makes sure that you are never left disappointed with the choices of nail polishes that are made available online.

Base Coat of Nail Polish

The base coat, as the name clearly suggests is made for application on the bare nail. The base coat is applied just before any other polish of any nail polish brands and is usually clear and thin. It dries off quickly and helps filling all the small grooves in the nails. Moreover, the base coats also dry to a semi-matte finish giving the metallic nail polish as well as other nail polish greater longevity and finish. The base coat is really important, the reason being it works as a primer and prevents staining of nails. They are also important for all those women who change their Chanel nail polish quite often. All kinds of base coats are available at iShopza.

Nail Polish’s Top Coat

The top coats are good choice for all those who want to protect their color polishes. Just like the cars have their protective clear coats, the protective clear topcoats help preventing Cutex nail polish from losing their shine and to preserve their color. There are also some top coats that help changing the texture of manicure to suede-like or matte finish.

Color Nail Polishes

The color polishes, as the name suggests, are applied between base coat and top coat and iShopza offers the best nail accessories and OPI nail polish price in US. They are available at iShopza in many different colors that include reds and pinks which are the most popular. The red and pink nail polishes are worn by women in contrast with many types of attire. Besides, there are peaches and corals that fall between the pink and yellow family. The orange and yellow colors are warm colors and look best in darker muted tones. The other colors in the list include white nail polish, greens, aquas, blues, purples, plums, browns, neutrals and nudes. You can find comprehensive range of color nail polishes at iShopza’s online shopping community. A comprehensive range of glow in the dark nail polish is also available at iShopza.