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Whether you are an avid rom-com fan looking to give yourself a treat after a dreary work day or a daring individual wanting to wind down for the weekend with an electrifying action-packed 3D movies, brace yourselves for all the entertainment we have in store for you. Choose from our exciting range of new power-packed, action movies including the likes of Fast & Furious, Captain America, Need for Speed etc., to get the ultimate home theatre experience while you sit back and relax on your comfy home sofa.

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Some of the other movie genres are also explained below:

Thrillers: Involving murder mysteries, crime scene investigations, and suspense movies, find a complete variety of thriller movies at iShopza.

Horror: From movies that will send an eerie chill down your spine, choose from a nifty range of the best horror movie releases in a given time period.

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Drama: This is an all-encompassing category of movies. Find all sorts of movies/DVDs belonging to this genre at iShopza US.

Animated Movies: Don’t fret! We have movies on DVD that cater to all age groups. Animated movies are all the rage and a huge hit these days, particularly among kids. Buy animated new movie at iShopza in different languages at iShopza for your little ones, delivered to your door step, free of cost.

Social/Cult: Covering matters of social significance such as women empowerment, gender discrimination, political issues, poverty, child labour etc., these movies are an eye-opener, particularly if you are more of a social activist.

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