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The cell phone cases and covers have been in use all over the world ever since the advent of cellular phones in the early eighties. The cellular phones invented in the early days were extremely expensive devices and were used by a few people however today, they have become a necessary part of ever person’s life. In fact the life simply cannot be imagined without cellular phones. With the time, the cellular phones have become more advanced, powerful and smaller. The recent revolutionary advent of smartphones has taken over the telecommunication industry with a blast! The exceptional popularity of the smartphones as well as simple bar phones has made the use of cellphone covers and cases, the norm. Owing to the huge demand for cases and covers, the manufacturers have flooded the market with countless options.

Types of Cases and Covers for Mobile Phones in US

In the modern day, the market has become dominated with uncountable cellphone cases and covers in different shapes, colors and different designs. Some are plain whereas others are textured. The types of cell phone case available in the market include the regular as well as the waterproof phone case. To learn more about the types of mobile phone covers in US, you can browse through our range of covers and choose the one that suits your requirements.

Pouches, sleeves and socks

This kind of cell phone cover is commonly known as a cell phone sleeve. It is made out of soft materials such as foamy fabrics or canvas. The cellphone sleeves cover the phone just like the socks cover your feet. Sleeve provides protection to the phone from any scratches.


The shells are usually made out of hard plastic. They are hard covers made specifically for each mobile phone model. The shells hold the phone from the back side and allow easy access to the phone because it does not cover the front. The shells offer protection to the mobile phones from minor bumps and help retaining slim profile while highlighting the phone’s original shape.

Horizontal Cases

These are also known as the holster cases. This type of cell phone cases come with a clip that can be attached to the belt. The horizontal cases are normally made of leather however they are also made from other materials including nylon etc. The holster cases allow easy access to the mobile phone.


The skins stretch around the phone while leaving the screen open. They are usually made out of silicone rubber or from vinyl. The skins are also known as the mobile silicone covers. They keep the phone slim while increasing the grip and providing protection against scratches as well as from bumps. The silicone skins are often successful in saving cellphones when they fall down accidentally.

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