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The decision to buy a video projector is incumbent upon the very need of the product. Most people use TV as a traditional source for watching movies and cable shows but some enthusiasts prefer mini projectors for this purpose. The uses are similar to that of a TV, but the functionality is slightly different for both the technologies. Mini portable projectors give an array of freedom of mobility to carry around and change places whereas TVs are to be placed in one position.

What to look for in a Micro Projector

Choosing between DLP or LCD: Both DLP and LCD mini led projectors use light from an incandescent bulb that is reflected upon in order to form a picture. The light is retracted in different ways by both and that results in the DLP producing a sharper image but LCDs using lesser power.

Lumens as a factor for image quality: Lumens are a measure of brightness and many small projectors provide an option for adjustment but the extent to which the lamps can bear the reflection of light is an important factor.

Lamp life: Older versions of projectors showed a lamp life of 2000 hours of usage which is a lot lesser than the life of a TV, but thankfully the newer versions have catered to this problem. The life of the lamp is extended to 60,000 hours which is equal to that of a TV. The older versions also required that the lamp be put to rest while the fan worked in order to ensure a longer lifetime but the new led versions don’t need cooling off.

Contrast ratio: The whole purpose of a projector is to enhance your video watching experience and for that it is important to take note of the image quality. The contrast ratio determines how sharp or dark the image will appear to the viewer.

Benefits of buying a Mini Projector

The price of mini projectors is less than that of large LED TVs, so that’s a relief on the pocket front. Other benefits include the portability of the product which enables it to be used anywhere and not just mounted into a wall back. It can be used for business purposes for presentations as most models provide a slot for cable and can be connected to laptops. Mini projectors take lesser space than their regular counterparts because you can view the image on a white sheet which is very thin and can be rolled up. If that isn’t available, an empty wall can serve as the screen which is present universally. Image resolution is just as good on led projectors as it is on any other monitor screen and the lamp life is also 60,000 hours which is the same as an LED TV. Lastly, the installation process is very easy as the equipment is portable and does not need to be wall mounted or permanently encase in a shelf.

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