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Buy Wallets for Men Online in US

Men are always in search of nice looking and longwearing wallets as these smart tools help them holding their important stuff. For men who prefer keeping their wallets in the back pocket, there are leather wallet for men as well as wallets made from other softer fabrics, whereas for men who prefer carrying wallets in hand, there are hard wallets made out of aluminum. They are not only easy to carry for some people but also provide protection to the RFID chip on the credit/debit card.

Types of Men’s Wallets Available at iShopza US

There are many different types of mens wallets available at iShopza’s online marketplace, each suitable for a man with different preferences & according to men’s fashion. Some wallets are made out of genuine leather whereas others are made from synthetic materials. Please read below for the types of wallet for men available at iShopza.

Aluminum Cases

As the name suggests, these are hard case wallets best for keeping credit/debit cards secure. The aluminum wallets are also helpful in blocking credit cards from the radio waves. Since cybercrime is on the rise, the radio waves can hit credit card and release their owner’s personal information. All of this can be avoided by keeping your credit and debit cards in hard wallets.

Breast Pocket Wallet

The breast pocket wallets are also called secretary wallets or check wallets. They are longer and are popular because of their slim shape that fits easily into the pocket. The breast pocket wallets also known as coach wallet for men easily fit into the front pocket of pants and can hold your money securely.

Bi-fold Wallet

The bi-fold wallets, as the name suggests, come with two folds with main pouch holding the cash and the side pockets holding credit/debit cards or any other cards of the same size. Some of the bi-fold wallets come with snap fasteners while others come without them.

Tri-fold Wallet

If you are looking for a more secure wallet that has more pockets and storage space, you should opt for tri-fold wallets that are often considered the best wallet for men. The primary part of tri-fold wallets hold money. They also have transparent sleeves for cards to hold driver’s license or identity card. Some of the tri-fold wallets have a zippered pocket as well, to hold extra change or important stuff. The tri-fold wallets are a bit bulkier than the bi-fold wallets. You can find tri-fold branded wallet for men at iShopza’s online shopping community at affordable pricing.

Long Wallet

The long wallets are of the same size as the breast wallets however they hold bills flat without requiring you to fold them. These wallets come with a chain that helps securing wallet to a belt loop on jeans and trousers. The long wallets are usually held in bigger pockets of the cargo pants or trousers. The long wallets are among the most popular men’s accessories in US. Order your wallets today and have them delivered at your doorsteps soon.