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If you are a man who is just beginning to experiment with jewelry then we suggest you begin with bracelets. Cufflinks, bands, bracelets or anything around the arm is easier to carry of for men as they are already in the habit of wear men’s watches on regular basis. All men irrespective of their ages can comfortably carry it off as it is the most subtle of objects to wear. The horseshoe shoe shaped cuff bracelet is very masculine and understated. It reminds you of the stables and gives a cowboy feel to the urban city man.

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Generally speaking jewelry is not a man favorite accessory and not many explore the aisles beyond a wedding band. But if worn properly it can really give you that edge and help you stand out in a crowd. This is a genre than men to experiment more with to improve dressing and create interest in their physical appearance. Many male celebrities in the film as well as the sports industry endorse the jewelry trend in a very loud n confident way. Whether it is Johnny Depp’s multiple necklaces or Cristiano Ronaldo’s diamond studs, these alpha males have shown us that men’s jewelry is hot and it can help you make a statement. US men are certainly not afraid to fashion a ring or two. Online shopping in the US can be easily done through iShopza, which offers a wide variety of man –friendly accessories.

Religious Emblems

There are diversified views about jewelry for men in different cultures. Indian men can be seen wearing multiple rings, necklaces and men’s bracelets while Muslim try to avoid wearing gold per say. Some wear it for religious recognition others don’t because of their religion. The Christ cross pendant necklace for men and charm bracelet is very common as not only a religious emblem but also as a fashion statement. Similarly we see Hindus wearing birth stones as rings which bring them luck and fortune. The Sikhs wear a silver cuff which is an essential part of their tradition along with a sword and head turban. Muslims too wear the name of God or an emblem of the house of God or Holy Prophet as a pendant in gold or silver.

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The metals and materials used for boys jewelry are very different from that used for the ladies. While jewelry for women is very intricately designed in rubys, diamond and other sparkly jewels men prefer a solid mold of just the metal. They would rather wear a link chain without any pendant or the pendant will be of rusted metal alone. Similarly the hammered and bronzed metal is also very popular of men’s jewelry. Some icons that are synonymous with men’s jewelry include the skull, an anchor and spikes. All of these symbols are very raw and masculine to the core. Opt for a blackened stainless steel or a rustic finish in these pendants.