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Bags have always remained one of the essentials for all busy men around the world. Whether you are a student, from the working class or you are a businessman, a smart and practicable bag for men is one of your key necessities in order to make sure that all your daily activities are done in a flawless manner. The men who are interested in buying bags can choose from a range of bags for men available at iShopza US.

It has been noted that mens bags have greatly transformed over the past decade especially due to the arrival of many new gadgets and accessories for men which have become necessary part of daily life. If we peep back into the past, we’ll find out that briefcase has remained the top choice for men who needed carrying their important documents. Today, men can find many different types of soft and casual bags that give the look of a briefcase. iShopza offers bags for work, school, everyday leisure, outdoor activities, gym workout and travel. So before you go shopping cotton, canvas, nylon, Gore-Tex, polyester or leather bags for men, here’s a quick guide by iShopza US to help you make the best choice:

Duffle Bags

In case you need carrying your clothes or accessories from your gym, duffle bags also known as the gym bags are made just for you. These bags have larger compartments that allow sufficient room for all your clothes and other men’s accessories. The duffle bags come with outer zippered compartment as well as interior zippered compartments for storing all your undergarments and toiletries that you need carrying. The duffle bags come with two straps or shoulder straps for easy carriage. The shoulder bags for men are easiest to carry and are most preferred choice.


No matter you are a student or a professional, the backpacks have now become the ultimate kind of bags. As their name tells, the backpacks are held on the back by two shoulder straps. For the larger items such as clothes or laptops, the backpacks have sufficient internal space whereas for smaller items and accessories, these bags have smaller front or side pockets. The most common users of backpacks include students and adventurers. In our variety of backpacks we have Nike bags for men at the top of list followed by bags from many other brands.


The briefcases are especially for men who want to make sure that they look strictly professional. They are best choice for carrying books, paper documents and all other kinds of office materials. iShopza has a range of briefcases as well as clutch bag for men in order to fulfill all their formal bagging requirements.

Messenger Bags

As the name tells, messenger bags are for those men who desire extremely comfortable bags that can help them fulfill all their daily requirements. They are also known as over-the-shoulder bags. The messenger bags come with a central pouch which can be divided into two or more compartments. Unlike backpacks, messenger bags for men have minimum chances of theft while they are being carried on a shoulder.