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In order to have perfect nails and hands, it is important to have a good nail care routine. There are a number of manicure and pedicure tools used to keep the nails in shape. Manicure is for the hands while pedicure is for the feet. There are some common nail tools and creams used for both of them. There are several brands that offer buyers with a wide collection of products and tools for manicure. These tools are essential and are used by salons for professional use.

iShopza offers shoppers with a wide collection of sets for manicure and nail dryers at affordable prices. In order to achieve healthy looking nails, the first step is to eat healthy and exercise. Once you do that your nails will be less brittle and your nail care routine will work more efficiently. Also it is very important to take into account the fact that all the tools must be sterilized and sanitized after they are used. Anything that is in contact with the skin or nails is more prone to bacteria so keep your tools cleaned. One can easily get solutions to clean all the tools so they can be used without any problems the next time.

Types of Manicure & Pedicure Tools

Instead of getting individual manicure equipment, buyers can easily get them in sets. The following is a list of tools and nail accessories used commonly for manicures. Also these manicure tools will allow you to have great looking nails in no time. Instead of paying so much at the salon, you can easily use these tools and do everything at home.

Nail Clippers

The most important item that every manicure set has are different types of clippers. These are used to cut nails and give them a nice shape. Whether you want square nails, round or oval, you can easily get the nails shaped and later file them.

Nail Files

Out of all the tools for manicure, nail files are the most important one because they help shape the nail. These get rid of chipped corners and can easily change the entire look of the nail. These can be bought in different sizes but every nail file has a rough texture that is used for filing.

Creams, Lotions and Oils

A manicure kit is not complete without some essential creams, lotions and oils. If you have discoloration on the skin then it is recommended to get a whitening cream which will get rid of the pigmentation. Start by massaging the hand with a scrub and later a cream. Use lotion and oil to moisture the skin of your hands and use them even on your nails. All these products will soften your hands and cuticles.

Nail Polish Remover

Every pedicure set and manicure set comes with a nail polish remover which is the first step when getting or doing a nail care routine. Remove all types of nail polish and nail art with this remover. Start from clean nails and then use products accordingly.