Makeup Sponges

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Apply Makeup Flawlessly by Using Sponges

Sponges are now used by almost every makeup lover. Previously sponges were just used for applying pressed powders or taking off makeup. Now these are used for many other purposes. With the emergence of the new beauty blender sponge, it makes it easier and quicker to apply foundation and other items.

The whole trend of makeup application has changed because of the concept of blending, contouring and baking. Ladies who love to wear makeup will know that these techniques are not possible without using a good makeup sponge. iShopza is offering their shoppers with a wide collection of sponges for makeup and makeup brushes at affordable prices. You can select from the original beauty blenders or the ones designed by other brands under one roof at iShopza. The beauty blender price can be a little expensive because this sponge is considered to be the best. You can avail discount offers at iShopza which will reduce the prices.

Guide for Buying Makeup Sponges

When you decide on buying a blender sponge or any other one, there are few factors to keep in mind. Every sponge is designed for a different purpose, so it is important to get the one that matches all your requirements.


There are different shapes of sponges that shoppers can get for themselves. It is very important to pick out the one that matches your requirements. For instance, for foundation, it is recommended to use a foundation sponge. This will help the product absorb into the skin and will give you a flawless finish. Following are the shapes of blending sponges you can get according to the makeup product you are applying;

Large wedge shape

This shape works best for foundation because these have tiny pores and a smooth texture. You can either put the foundation on the sponge and then apply to the face or put the foundation on the face and then blend.

Small wedge shape

The makeup sponge which has a small wedge works well for applying concealer. In the present day, concealers are not just for the under eye area but are used to hide imperfections around the nose, chin and jaw. Concealers also add highlight to the face if they are darker than your natural skin tone. The small wedge shape of the sponge allows blending of smaller areas easier and quicker.

Large round shape

These makeup tools work well for applying pressed or loose powder because these help blending easier. Also these sponges do not leave the face cakey and evenly spread the product on the face.

Material of Blending Sponges

There are two types of sponges from which shoppers can select the one they need. Option one are natural sponges which are made from natural materials and fibers. The materials are usually extracted from the sea which makes them very different. These sponges are designed to be used again and again which gives the user the confidence that these will last for a long time.

Synthetic sponges on the other hand are designed to be disposable. After using these for 2 or 3 times, it is recommended to throw them away.