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The world may have advanced by many folds, but there is always a threat of security breach. Despite the advances, authorities have been unable to curb the law and order situation. In such a scenario, it is vital to have your own security measures. One basic and great way of doing so is to invest in a security lock. Locks are made of impregnable materials, giving you protection and security. There are many types of locks in the market you can choose from. It all depends on your personal choice. Same goes with brands. Different brands offer different features, performance and prices. You can now buy security locks online in US at the best prices right here at iShopza.

How to buy locks in US

There are numerous lockset in the market offering different levels of security. These locks can be used in a number of situations. Using it on the door is common. But you can also use it to secure bags on flight, lock the bike etc. The following comprehensive guide explains the different types of locks.

What to look for when buying locks

Following are the main types of locks:

Handlesets: These are used on external doors. They feature deadbolt and thumbturn.

Door knobs: A door knob lock is the most common one found in majority of households and offices. It comes in different shapes but functions the same in all shapes. Once you lock, you can easily unlock the door by rotating the door knob.

Door levers: Door levers provide ease of use. You simply use a key to lock and unlock the door lever. It makes use of key lock and is very easy to use.

Deadbolts: Out of all the manual locks, deadbolt lock offers the most security. They are available in single and double cylinder options. These locks also come with deadlocks to provide additional layer of security.

Electronic locks: These modern keypad locks require a code to open or close. Most hotels and banks use electronic locks and safes. To open or close, you need to enter the correct code.

There are also electronic door locks which basically scan your fingerprint or card. They offer maximum security and can only be opened with the specific card.

Once you know which type of lock you want, consider the following things:

Appearance of the lock: You don’t want a lock to look out of place because of its ugly or flashy appearance. Look for a lock which is stylish and modern in outlook. This will enhance the overall appearance of the room as well.

Door thickness: Also look at the door thickness. Some locks may not be suitable for thin doors. Always check the lock specifications to see which door thickness would be right for its installation.

Warranty: Warranty is important, especially in electronic door locks. You should opt for warranty whenever possible. In case the lock malfunctions, you should be able to use the warranty to repair it free of cost.

Ease of use: Always look at the applicability and ease of use. The lock should be hassle free in function and easy to use.