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Man or woman, child or adult everyone has to cook at some point in their lives. Whether you like cooking or not, if you want to eat it, you have to know how to cook. Is it not better then to do it the proper way? Cooking is an art that only a few can master and once learnt it really does not that long to prepare scrumptious meals. All you need is the right ingredient, the right kitchen utensils and their uses. Ladles are large cup shaped cooking spoons. Such cooking utensils are used when making liquid items such as soup, tea, stew and puree. The cup allows for maximum liquid serving and the liquid is thoroughly cooked by mixing motions of the ladle. Ladles usually have a hook shaped arm end so that it rests upright in the bowl or pan and doesn’t fall into the soup/stew. Locking tong is a spoon shaped like a bobby pin. This kitchen utensil has two scallops at the end to grab tiny food items from the hot pans. It is used for deep frying meat or dumplings. Used for anything that you need to pick up and toss over a few times.

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Cooking requires a lot of mixing and tossing and turning which can only be possible with the help of different spatulas and kitchen cutleries. They are large spoons made out of wood or steel for cooking purposes. A metal spatula is a basic cooking spoon that ever standard kitchen should have. It is a flat metal plate with vertical holes in between. This is so to drain out excess oil off of the food back into the pan. This spatula also comes in rubber material for easy grip inside the bowl. The silicone spatula is heat resistant but you cannot use it for heavy foot item a whole roast. The spatula comes in various widths and lengths to pick up food items like pancakes.

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Kitchen tools and utensils usually have long arms so that you can hold and mix the food from a certain distance because the food is boiling got when on the stove and if you place your hand too close in the pan then you might get oil burns on it or even on your face. While all metal spatulas have slots in them the wooden cooking spoons are in one whole piece their main advantage is that the wood does not get hot from cooking on high heat so they are easy to hold. A whisk is made from elastic wires which are light so that food cannot stuck in between. A whisk is used to food items that are more liquid in form and it is used to beat any liquid food up. A whisk mixes the food making and light and fluffy. Usually we use a whisk for eating eggs or cream. Shop online a large variety of kitchen appliances & tools from iShopza.