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Cooking is a fun activity for those who like it, but there are many people who cook to keep their bellies full. Often a times when you come home from a long hectic day at work, you find it difficult to cook. This is the time when a food slicer can be used. This kitchen utensil is important for cutting a variety of fruits and vegetables. It contains metal blades in different shapes which slice the food product. Therefore it saves a lot of your time and effort. Instead of cutting vegetables and fruits with a knife, which is often messy, you can quickly place the food item in a slicer and get your desired slices of the product from the food cutter.

Online shopping of a fruit or vegetable slicer can be done from iShopza which is offered in a great variety. These kitchen appliances are durable and reliable. These slicers are also available at affordable rates so that they are accessible to a large number of people.

Get different types of slicers for different food items

Having powerful blades and cutters is important, there are different types of slicers suitable for different food products that can cut them into pieces in no time.

Bread slicer: The base of this slicer is made of hardwood. The blades stand parallel to each other in mandolin shape. The slicing can be accommodated to any size of bread loaf. There is a rotating handle that exerts pressure on the bread slicer so that the desired pieces can be cut.

Potato slicer: These are used to make fries. There is an electric potato slicer as well as a manual slicer in which you have to exert the pressure. Simply put the peeled potato in the machine and a number of slices will come out form the other side.

Cheese slicer: This is a mandolin slicer in which the length and thickness of the blades vary. You can easily get grated cheese that can be used in a variety of dishes. The handle of the cheese slicer is strong enough to exert pressure on the piece of cheese.

Vegetable slicer: Mostly made of plastic to cut lightweight vegetables such as tomatoes, pepper, etc, a vegetable cutter is best to use. Some have sharp plastic blades and also use a knife, while some have steel blades which aloe smooth cutting of the slices.

Fruit slicers: These are available in different designs and shapes. A banana fruit slicer has different shape and design then a strawberry slicer or a mango splitter.

Buy food choppers for homes

A food chopper has stainless steel blades that are powered by an electric motor installed inside a chopper for chopping of fruits and vegetables. These are available in different sizes. A mini chopper can be used to chop food items in a small quantity. A vegetable chopper can be used to chop different vegetables for curries and gravies. There are also meat choppers for cutting down small pieces of meat, especially for mincing.

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