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Whether you want to save your downloaded movie and share it with your friends, or pile up your music in one storage device, and it can be both (if your USB 3.0 flash drive still has the memory space). iShopza has the most affordable list of flash drives for you! Browse our website in order to find the design you want and discount that will suit your budget and enjoy using these computer gadgets to fill your satisfaction.

If you’re always on the go and always wanting to carry your important documents with you, save it in a flash drive! Floppy disks or CDs are not in anymore, the handier and portable flash drives or USB flash drive already replaced them as one of the most useful gadget for your Desktop PCs or laptops. USB storage have more memory capacity, smaller, faster, and are more durable and reliable than its older versions of disks, but the purpose and usage is still the same – for storage, backups or transfer of computer files.

Things to Consider When Buying a USB Memory Stick

Every model of a USB flash drive does not suit everyone. As you go buying a USB stick for your personal or professional needs, there are many different things that need to be considered. At times you require buying 1TB flash drive whereas for people who do not require much storage space may easily adjust with a 64GB flash drive. Please read details below to best buy a USB flash drive.

Storage Capacity: As mentioned above, the storage capacity of a pen drive is something that needs to be considered at first. At iShopza you can find a range of pen drives and external hard drives from the 32GB flash drive to 1TB as per different requirements. People who store a lot of movies, songs and high definition multimedia data, require buying drives with bigger capacities.

Durability: There are many substandard flash drives available in the market that are made out of low quality plastic and are easily breakable. Such flash drives need not to be bought since they would break sooner or later. The USB drives made out of durable plastic or metal are the best choice. You should opt for good brands like HP, SanDisk, Kingston and many more.

Transfer Speed: The transfer speed of a pendrive is something that many of us do not take into consideration while buying it. Time is valuable and it is really important for all of us to have the files copied to and from other devices real quick. This is where a best USB flash drive / flash memory comes in handy. It’s not that the flash drives with higher capacities copy files fast, the data transfer speed is in fact a different specification of any pen drive.

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For merchants of computer gadgets wanting to have a better buy and sell business, iShopza US is the just right place to start rebuilding the business. By being one of the top online shopping sites in the country, your business is guaranteed to sky rocket!