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Are you passionate about eye makeup just like many other women around the world? iShopza has got all the renowned brands covered with eye makeup products. If you are looking for premium quality eye shadow sets, you are at the right place! iShopza is the leading online shopping community for the purchase of comprehensive range of makeup products. No matter the brand and type of eyeshadow makeup products you require, browse iShopza and you’ll find them all available at highly competitive prices. The largest online shopping platform of US rates each seller and offers buyers’ feedback to facilitate new buyers and to let them analyze their authenticity. There are many different types of eyeshadow primers available at iShopza. Please continue reading to know in detail.

Stick Eye Shadow Primers

As the name clearly implies, the stick eye-shadow primers are made in the form of a stick. They are designed to be applied directly to the eyelids. Before one applies them, it is really important to blend them thoroughly. According to the makeup experts, the stick eye shadow primers offer the best base for all types of eye shadows. The reason for popularity of stick type eye shadow primers is that they are tacky and offer a good finish.

Gel Eye Shadow Primers

The gel type eye shadow primers are mostly preferred by professional makeup artists. The reason for their popularity is the light weight and longevity of their application. The gel type primers for eye shadow can be dabbed easily onto the eye with fingers as well as with a makeup sponge. They are ideal for use even in very humid areas and are used in commercial video shootings and fashion shows. So before you take out your eyeshadow palette, make sure to apply gel eye shadow primer evenly.

Cream Eye Shadow Primers

As the name suggests, these primers are manufactured in the form of a cream. If we get to the consumer market, we’ll be surprised to find out that cream eyeshadow primers have a high popularity. They have the consistency of a mousse and comprise a built-in sponge applicator that allows extremely easy application. The cream primers help by creating a really tacky foundation and are good for use with all types of eye shadows. If you are making use of cream-type eye shadow primer, make sure to allow it for 10 seconds after application in order to alleviate the issues.

Liquid Eye Shadow Primers

A liquid type eyeshadow primer is made especially for the consumers who prefer a lighter product. This product has the viscosity of a liquid foundation. The makeup artists make use of either fingers or smaller makeup brushes to apply the liquid eyeshadow primers. This product creates smooth and even base. While applying it, make sure to take care and thoroughly blend it into the crease of eyelid in order to prevent creasing. One may also make use of liquid type eye shadow primers as a substitute to concealers for evening out the skin tone around the eyelids. So whether you use mac eyeshadow or of any other company, make sure to apply the best quality primer prior to eye makeup. Always make sure to buy the best eyeshadow palette for best makeup results.