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Find the Perfect Pair of Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are not just used by boxers in the present day. Gloves are worn by professional athletics who are involved in other types of sporting activities. New activities like cardio kickboxing, working with punching bags and so on forth. The gloves not only protect the hands from damage but make the process of practicing much easier.

Getting the right boxing products matters because it will help improve the overall performance. There are different materials from which gloves are designed in. There are a number of brands that offer boxing gloves for women and men. iShopza offers shoppers with a wide collection of gloves at affordable prices. There are a number of discount deals for consumers that makes online shopping convenient. The discount offers reduce the boxing gloves prices which makes it possible for everyone to find the perfect pair.

Guide for Buying Boxing Gloves

When purchasing punching gloves, there are few factors that you must keep in mind. These factors will help you purchase the right gloves in accordance to your requirements.


When buying any types of gloves, it is important to take into account the material of the gloves. There are two types of materials from which almost every boxing mitts are designed in. Leather and Vinyl are commonly used materials to manufacture gloves. Whichever brand you choose to get, will offer either leather or vinyl gloves. One can easily get the one they want according to their choice.

There are few major differences between these two materials that must be taken into account. The leather ones have a better durability and because of the high quality they are much more breathable to wear. Compared to the leather gloves, the vinyl gloves are much cheaper and can prevent moisture better. Get boxing gloves for sale online at iShopza at affordable prices and make online shopping exciting.


The weight of the gloves is determined by the amount of padding inside the gloves. The more the padding and weight is of the gloves, the better protection you can get. The weight is determined in ounces which start from little as 8 ounces up to 20 ounces. Professional athletics using MMA gloves are very light weight.


Generally there are standard sizes in which gloves are designed in. For instance, Lonsdale boxing gloves can easily be selected in small, medium and large size. However it is better that you try them on first so that the fitting is determined. Boxing gloves for kids and women are usually smaller in size as compared to gloves for men.

Laces or Velcro

Buyers can select from different either laces or Velcro for their gloves. The laces give a strong grip but are very hard to tie. The Velcro style is much more practical as compared to the laces style. Shoppers can choose the best design for themselves in which they feel comfortable. For instance if you want Everlast boxing gloves with laces, then you can get them at iShopza.