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Buy Binoculars Online from iShopza

Binoculars are smaller and cheaper version of the telescope to see things that are far away from the eye. The magnification is done through the glass which is present at the rear end of the instrument. There are so many beautiful things in this universe that appear to be far away from the eyes. And you can look at them by buying binoculars online from iShopza. The binoculars prices vary according to the specifications but you can get good deals on the website.

Different outdoor activities also require binoculars to see objects at a distance. Water sports and even boating requires binoculars. Activities like camping and star gazing are also gaining popularity and people use night vision binoculars. Apart from the traditional uses, you can use binoculars on concerts and shows as well where your seats are distant from the stage.

Your guide to buying the best binoculars

Many people have little knowledge as to what to look for while buying binoculars. A few pointers on the subject are mentioned below.

Aperture: The aperture refers to the diameter of the outer most lenses. The diameter ensures an optic image on the viewing end. The bigger the diameter, the sharper the image. The aperture number is usually written on the binoculars. For stargazing, the number should not be less than 40mm. Military binoculars should also have a bigger diameter.

Magnification: The numbers on a binocular written in the form 7×50 represent the magnification. This shows how much the image can be magnified by the lens. In this example, the image can be magnified seven times of its actual size. The 50 represents the aperture size.

Inter Pupil Distance: This is the distance between your right and left eye.The average distance is 60 mm to 72mm. Make sure you buy one that can adjust to your size so that the image isn’t distorted for your eyes.

Exit Pupils: The rays of light that come out from the eyepieces and touch your pupils are called exit pupils. They help determining the brightness of the frame. Larger exit pupils let more light pass through hence brighter images. This is suitable for night time use of binoculars.

Add-on features for Binoculars or Monocular

iShopza offers a range of binoculars that do more than just magnifying the image. Some cool features on binoculars include;

• Rubber armor: This guarantees protection in the form of a rubber coating. The coating is heat and water resistant so it ensures a longer life for your binoculars.

• Fog resistance: It is a good idea to buy online one with this feature because of a better image quality overall.

• Lens Coating: The lens coating prevents dust and water from covering the lens. This enables a crystal clear viewing experience.

• Zoom: The zoom feature is an added bonus to the magnification power of the binoculars. It enables zooming into minute details which would have gone unnoticed otherwise.

• Audio and video recording: Advanced binoculars have this feature to take pictures and record audios so as to review your experience once it is over.

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