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3D Glasses – Get the Ultimate 3D Viewing Experience

Who does not enjoy watching their favorite movie character pop out from the television screen? 3D glasses make it possible to experience a movie in 3D at home or cinemas. These days’ a number of televisions have 3D features which makes it extra fun because people can enjoy 3D movies sitting at home. There is no need to spend some extra money at the cinema when you can have the ultimate experience at home. There are different types of 3D shades that shoppers can get which depends on which type of television you have. Most companies give 2 sets of glasses with the television but if you require more you can buy them at an electronic store or even buy them online. iiShopza.com is offering their consumers with a huge collection of 3D glasses for sale.

Types of 3D Glasses

There are different types of 3D glasses that shoppers can get for themselves. Once you have bought the glasses, it is important to take good care of them. You can get TV accessories like covers and cases to keep them away from dust and dirt. The lens is the most important feature that is why it is important to keep it clean.

Active 3D Glasses

Active 3D glasses are operated by a shutter system which helps viewers interact with the display. These are either battery-powered or hardwired, one can easily select the one they want online at iShopza. Basically the shutter system in these 3D googles works by displaying an image in one lens while the other lens darkens. This process switches back and forth which helps create the 3D images. The rapid darkening is created by a layer of liquid crystallization. These are mostly used by gamers who have to interact with the display in order to play the game.

Passive 3D Glasses

Passive 3D glasses do not interact with the display and these glasses work in different ways. There are different types of passive glasses that buyers can get. The first one are the polarized 3d glasses that work on the polarization technology to make the appearance of the 3D glasses. These are generally low in price as compared to other 3d glasses prices. Then are the Interference Filter Systems which use different wavelengths from which the 3D image is produced. These virtual glasses have different colored wavelengths used for every side of the lens. The left eye lens have red, blue and green wavelengths while the right eye has red, blue and green. These work on a process called spectral comb filtering that helps filter out the wavelengths creating 3D images. The last type of passive glasses are known as the Color anaglyph system which are almost the first 3D glasses to be introduced in movie cinemas. The one side of these glasses is red while the other is cyan blue. These allow filtering out each other’s opposite picture. These glasses have paper type materials used to make the lens. These might not give the sharpest 3D viewing effect but work just as good as other 3D glasses.

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